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Webinar – How SpagoBI 5 faces Big Data challenges to generate business opportunities

The video shows the free webinar delivered by Alberto Ghedin (SpagoBI Architect) on the new features of SpagoBI 5, focusing on Big Data analytics. Valuable information can be extracted from large volumes of data (even NoSQL databases), allowing you to easily produce your analytics (e.g. charts, reports, maps) and make the right business decisions at the right time. Watch the video on YouTube!

Webinar – SpagoBI 5 and what-if analytics: is your business strategy effective?

The videos show the free webinar on SpagoBI 5 and the new what-if analysis tool, which allows you to easily simulate scenarios on your data, predict their potential effects on your business and consequently improve your decision-making processes. Watch the videos on YouTube: in French by Virginie Paquon (October 23rd, 2014), or in English by Alberto Ghedin (October 29th, 2014).

Webinar – What’s new in SpagoBI 5: advanced data analytics at your fingertips

The videos show some free webinars on SpagoBI 5 delivered within SpagoBI Webinar Center in October 2014. The videos provide an overview of the new features of SpagoBI 5, also through a short demo. You’ll see how this 100% open source Business Intelligence suite allows you to easily self-build your analytics and make effective business decisions. Watch the videos on YouTube in French by Virginie Pasquon (October 7th), in Spanish by Yessica Luis Lopez (October 9th), or in English by Alessandra Toninelli (October 10th, 2014).