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The following publications written by SpagoBI Labs addresses various topics and user requirements.
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SpagoBI 5 User Manual SpagoBI SUITE – Basic reporting & Data Exploration Tools
Based on the SpagoBI 5 serie, this first volume provides an introduction to reporting and data exploration with SpagoBI. It drives you through the use of basic reporting features, towards more advanced analytic tools supporting data exploration, such as dynamic OLAP cubes. Moreover, you’ll learn step-by-step all the fundamentals of the suite such as how to connect your data to SpagoBI and how to manage users and roles. Suitable for BI developers.

Language: English.

Instructions: buy it from

SpagoBI 5 User Manual SpagoBI 5 User Manual
It provides detailed guidance on SpagoBI environment and main analytical tools. It addresses any user who wishes to design and develop a Business Intelligence project or application using SpagoBI suite.

Language: English.

Instructions: download it from OW2 Forge.

SpagoBIbook Business Intelligence with SpagoBI
Based on SpagoBI 3.5, it provides a comprehensive overview of SpagoBI capabilities, guiding you step-by-step in the development of your Business Intelligence projects. Suitable for data experts, software developers, data analysts and business users.

Language: English.

Instructions: buy it from

Quick Start SpagoBI 4 Quick Start Guide
Short walk-through to easily setup your own Business Intelligence scenarios using SpagoBI suite.

Language: English, Spanish.

Instructions: download it from OW2 Forge.

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