From 6.0 version SpagoBI is released as


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Mozilla Public License

SpagoBI suite is free/open source software: you can study, use, modify and distribute modified copies of this software under the terms of the Mozilla Public Licence v. 2.0 without the “Incompatible With Secondary Licenses” notice. SpagoBI is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind. If you wish to have warranties on SpagoBI software, you can take advantage of professional services delivered by SpagoBI Labs, whose purchase is clearly separated from the right to study, use, modify and distribute the software.
(Up to 3.4 version, SpagoBI suite had been released under the GNU LGPL license).

MPLv2 is a file-level copyleft, simple, short, modern, understandable license. It has been designed to encourage contributors to share modifications they make to MPL-licensed code, while still allowing users to create projects that combine MPL-licensed code with code under other licenses, either open source or proprietary.

MPLv2 has been approved as a free software license by the Free Software Foundation, and as an open source license by the Open Source Initiative. For more information about the MPLv2 license visit the Mozilla FAQs section.

This license encourages a wider adoption of SpagoBI suite, while preserving its own characteristics:

  • it is a weak copyleft licence based on the protection of the free code included in the “file”; in other words, the license requires that Modifications (as defined in Section 1.10 of the license) must be licensed under the MPL and made available to anyone to whom you distribute the Source Code. However, new files containing no MPL-licensed code are not Modifications, and therefore do not need to be distributed under the terms of the MPL, even if you create a Larger Work (as defined in Section 1.7) by using, compiling, or distributing the non-MPL files together with MPL-licensed files;
  • it’s a commercial friendly license: a file can be “linked” to open source and proprietary third-party software;
  • it’s free software, GNU (L)GPL compatible: you may combine MPL-licensed code and (L)GPL-licensed code in the same executable program by creating a “Larger Work” under the terms of Section 3.3 of the license.

Some SpagoBI components use Ext JS framework that is released under GNU General Public License version 3. You are allowed to use SpagoBI as is and redistribute it as a part of any open source application, according to the MPLv2 and GNU GPLv3 licences. In order to redistribute SpagoBI software as a part of a closed source application, you shall purchase the Sencha Ext JS commercial license.

All of the above is general observation, it does not constitute legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only; you should obtain appropriate guidance for your jurisdiction.

Other licenses

In order to provide users with the right tools for their specific needs, SpagoBI uses state-of-the art open source software, sometimes using/linking third parties’ components/libraries released under other licenses than the MPLv2.

First of all, SpagoBI suite links some libraries that are distributed under the GNU LGPL license, version 3.0 or older versions.

Some SpagoBI components use Ext JS framework. Ext JS software is released under GNU General Public License version 3.0. SpagoBI uses ExtJS 4.x and previous versions with the pertaining ExtJS FLOSS exception for Applications. More information on Ext JS license is available here.

As an alternative to the charting tools available inside SpagoBI suite, you can also use HighCharts since it is supported, even though it is not distributed with SpagoBI suite. The use of HighCharts is optional, so if you wish to use Highcart libraries with SpagoBI you have to download them from Highcarts website, comply with the right Highcharts license and follow instructions provided in SpagoBI Wiki. Highcharts JS code is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License, which is not an OSI-approved open source license. According to Highsoft license policy, you can use it for a personal or non-profit project, including non-profit organizations, students, universities, public schools and non-commercial personal websites. If you use Highchart JS for commercial purposes, you must buy Highsoft commercial license. You can find more information about Highcharts JS licenses here.

SpagoBI full license list is available on the Wiki.