Knowage (formerly SpagoBI) 6.4 released!

KNOWAGE suite, the new SpagoBI version, is now available on its 6.4 version. From the previous version the following changes have been made:

  • News Managements, a new option to create news for the end user;
  • The user is now able to change the document name, within workspace;
  • Registry, the profile attributes filtering criteria are applied on Registry document;
  • When integrating Knowage with Javascript SDK, the user can be authenticated by means of a JWT token;
  • Chart, it is possible to combine a stacked bar chart with a line chart;
  • Chart, when the user sets order column in bar chart in the wrong way, Knowage alerts the user;
  • Chart, the user can specify if legend should also contain checkboxes to hide/display values on the chart;
  • CrossTab, the user is able to configure the total label in a cross-tab; • Mobile, Knowage advises on wrong device orientation;
  • HTML widget, it is possible to set up a min and max limit for the kn-calc in the HTML Widget;
  • HTML widget, it does not load all data when only aggregations are required;
  • OLAP, while choosing members of a dimension to be displayed in an OLAP analysis, the user can unselect all values with a single click;
  • OLAP, the default behavior in the “search items” in a hierarchy is “Hide siblings”;

Here the instructions to migrate from SpagoBI version to Knowage 6.4:

Please visit Knowage website for more information: