Knowage (formerly SpagoBI) 6.3 released!

KNOWAGE suite reached a new important milestone thanks to the joint effort of Knowage Labs and the open source community: KNOWAGE 6.3.1 is now available.

From the previous version the following changes have been made:
– Cockpit/Chart

  • Image Export, of each widget and of the entire cockpit;
  • XLSX Export of data shown in each widget;
  • Customizable number style in the HTML Widget;
  • Uniform text style management in all types of widgets:
  • Text style configuration options in the labels of the graphs;
  • Text style configuration of the selector widget;
  • User_id and user_role profile attributes automatically valorised for each user;
  • New checkbox in charts legend to display/hide values;
  • Setting areas and lines as target on charts;
  • Sorting the cross-table also using a not displayed column;
  • Color customization of charts to associate the same color to a certain category / series
    of values;

– Knowage Core

  • Name editing of the cockpits created in the “My Workspace” section;
  • Creation of menus with more than 2 levels;
  • Cloning of a QBE data set;
  • Creation of a file data set starting from an XLSX format;
  • Management of the TIMESTAMP type in the data set creation function.

Here the full package to easily upgrade to Knowage 6.3: