Knowage CE 6.2 RC

The release candidate of Knowage CE 6.2 (the nex SpagoBI version) is now available for download from Knowage website. Here the main improvements realized.

  • New cockpit features and general improvements. More in detail:
    • New selector widget
    • New text widget, it’s possible to create dynamic text
    • New HTML Widget
    • The user is able to change the chart type’s directly on chart
    • The user can drill directly on chart
    • New filter section on widgets
    • New title section on widgets
    • Some improvements on table widget
    • New clone widget function
  • Meta, improvements on calculated field section
  • Data Set, new options on self service data set
  • You can add workspace and document browser inside knowage menu
  • i18s support inside Cockpit and user functionalities
  • Workspace, new section about scheduled execution

Preview it now!