SpagoBI 5.2 is available now!

SpagoBI 5.2 is out: download it here!

The new features include:

  • various improvements on cockpits;
  • new features, coming from SpagoBI’s contribution to FIWARE European research project:
    • integration with KeyRock identity manager, enabling OAuth2-based authorization and authentication;
    • integration with Orion Context Broker – a publish-subscribe broker;
    • integration with CKAN – the popular and widely used open data portal;
    • new REST APIs and Javascript APIs in SpagoBI SDK, to facilitate integration with third-party products;
  • new certified environments: Wildfly 8, 10 and JBoss EAP 7;
  • SpagoBI behavioural model: new date-range analytical driver type;
  • SpagoBI Server is now based on Maven, supporting the automated management of dependencies and source code build.

Read the release notes!