Engineering Group’s open source project wins the Quality Award in Paris

With Spago4Q, Engineering Group received the Quality Award at the OW2 Conference in Paris.

Rome (Italy), 2nd December 2015 – Spago4Q – the vertical application built on top of SpagoBI suite ensuring quality of products and processes – won the Open Quality Award in Paris, assigned to successful implementations of projects hosted by the OW2 open-source software community.

This year the OW2 Conference took place in Paris during a week full of events dedicated to open source software, right after the tragic events of November 13th, hence giving evidence of how the open source community and its players are joined by the freedom and willingness to share and work together in order to build a better world.

Spago4Q received the OW2 Quality Award for “its contribution to the continuous improvement of quality best practices and the assessment of development processes in compliance with quality standards“.

This solution adds an innovative analytical model to the business intelligence tools provided by the SpagoBI suite. The platform supports enterprises and organizations that pursue continuous improvement objectives, enabling the different actors involved in the software development process to collect actionable information, concerning the effective management of requirements, bugs, risks, tests, progress monitoring and quality assessment.

This award is a recognition of Engineering Group’s commitment to the realization of successful open source projects, and quality software, as a differentiator in the ICT open and competitive market” says Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group’s Architectures and Processes for ICT Innovation Director. “Spago4Q is a key tool of the development and monitoring infrastructure currently used by Engineering Group’s Software Labs“.

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Engineering Group
Engineering Group is the leading Italian software and services company, with about 7,800 people and more than 40 offices in Italy, Belgium, Republic of Serbia, Norway, South America (Brazil and Argentina) and United States. The Technical, Innovation & Research Division includes the Open Source Competency Center, which develops the Spago4Q platform.