SpagoBI enables effective procurement management for Brazilian governments

Konsultex Informatica – SpagoBI Integrator Partner – implemented a solution based on the integration of SpagoBI suite into a Liferay web portal to monitor Brazil’s Government procurement processes involving small and medium-sized businesses and fostering their sustainable and competitive development.

programa estimuloThe “Programa de Estimulo” allows the continuous improvement of procurement practices of the federal States of Brazil, through a comprehensive system of reporting features and performance indicators. The above-mentioned program is the result of the partnership between SEBRAE and CONSAD. SEBRAE – Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas – is a private non-profit organization founded in 1972 with the mission to promote sustainable and competitive development of micro and small businesses and to promote entrepreneurship. CONSAD – National Council of State Administration Secretaries – is a private law non-profit entity gathering representatives of all Brazilian States and the Federal District, whose mission is to promote practices that improve quality, transparency and efficiency of public management in Brazil.

This project implements the guidelines included in the General Law of Micro and Small Businesses, which establishes the preference for the procurement of goods and services for the State in favour of small businesses.

The program, developed in collaboration with the responsible officials of the government procurement, includes an extended training session for public managers allowing them to get certified on the monitoring system and trained on SpagoBI suite, also thanks to the support of the Government Procurement Institute (ICG) and Konsultex Informatica.

SpagoBI was chosen as the analytical solution to extract, analyze and consolidate the data coming from the procurement processes. SpagoBI allows users to monitor the performance of the States involved, providing insights through a diversified set of features, such as reports, charts and OLAP analysis. Moreover, visibility on data can be defined at various levels of detail, depending on users’ roles.

Furthermore, the participation of States in government procurement is mapped through a user-friendly and collaborative approach, enabling the continuous exchange of best practices between governments for effective procurement processes.

The success of the “Programa de Estimulo” gave the following tangible results:

  • Development of a coherent set of indicators provided by SpagoBI suite, validated and monitored by the Observatory of Government Procurement;
  • Providing public government with properly certified buyers;
  • Higher quality in government procurement processes, leading to the creation of the “Good Practices in Government Procurement” seal adopted by Brazilian States and institutions;
  • Clear recognition of the program among the best initiatives supporting Development of Small Businesses, which allowed the creation of the “CONSAD-SEBRAE Stimulus for Small Business in Government Procurement” national award.

The program passed through the implementation stage with 5 participating pilot States, each representative of one of the 5 national regions in Brazil, planning for national expansion.