SpagoBI 5.1 is out: here comes the social network analysis!

SpagoBI 5.1 is available on OW2 Forge here. Download it now!

This version offers a brand new 100% open source tool supporting social network listening and monitoring (i.e. Twitter). By analyzing users’ attitudes, comments, level of engagement and ratings, SpagoBI allows you to improve your business decision-making and marketing strategy. For further details, click here.

Crucial improvements regard self-service in-memory cockpits, including widget management tools, column ordering, navigation paths, selection filters, aggregation rules on table measures, new features to manage and delete table fields through the designer. For further details, click here.

In addition to this, SpagoBI provides a full set of tools for advanced data analysis, such as data mining, big data analytics, simulation of what-if scenarios, to significantly improve your business and decision-making strategy. For more details, visit the “Product” section of this website.

All details on SpagoBI 5.1 are available in the release notes.
Try SpagoBI 5 in the new online demo now!