SpagoBI suite releases the first open source what-if analysis tool

Engineering Group leads open source business intelligence innovation with the version 5 of SpagoBI suite

Rome (Italy), September 17th 2014 – The new 5.0 version of SpagoBI suite was released today, offering a new set of open source data analysis tools. They include a specialized what-if component, supported by a new multidimensional analysis engine. It allows users to simulate scenarios in an interactive way and measure their potential impacts on business, in real-time and at any level of detail.

A new data mining tool extends SpagoBI’s advanced analysis capabilities. Thanks to its recent integration with big data technologies, now the suite places itself as reference product for the emerging data analyst skills.

Moreover, new self-service tools allow end-users to compose their own cockpits freely, also integrating data mush-up and in-memory technologies.

“This new version underlines the spirit of innovation that has always characterized the development of the suite” states Grazia Cazzin, SpagoBI Labs Director and SpagoBI project leader. “These brand new solutions supporting what-if analysis and self-service cockpits are important news in open source”.

“This new version of SpagoBI suite confirms our leadership in the field of Big Data analytics and our efforts to support open source initiatives” says Paolo Pandozy, Engineering Group’s CEO.

SpagoBI suite can be downloaded from OW2 Forge – an independent and global community that guarantees the availability of open source software over time.

Over the next few months, SpagoBI 5 roadshow will take place in various cities, including Rome, Paris and Washington, DC.

The website, completely renovated, offers all updated information on SpagoBI suite and upcoming events:

Engineering Group
Engineering Group ( is the leading Italian software and services company, with about 7,300 people and 40 offices in Italy, Belgium, Republic of Serbia, South America (Brazil and Argentina) and United States. The Technical, Innovation & Research Division includes the Open Source Competency Center.

SpagoBI Labs
SpagoBI Labs are a working unit of Engineering Group’s Technical, Innovation & Research Division that develops and manages the suite. Through its widespread presence on the Italian territory, SpagoBI Labs coordinate four international offices located in Brussels in Belgium, in the USA in New York, and in Brazil in São Paulo.