With SpagoBI Open Data drive territory management

GeoBI.info project started with the idea that every territory has its own specificities that are closely related to its latitude. These specificities are crucial to allow initiatives to come true and become successful. Which is the most affordable place to buy a house? In which district should I start a hotel? Is a new hotel necessary in this area? Where can I advertise my business most efficiently? These are some of the questions that can be answered by exploiting the massive amounts of data put at the citizens’ disposal by organisations and enterprises – the so-called open data.

GeoBI.info aims not only to facilitate the collection and sharing of data, but also to allow their integration and visualization through interactive thematic maps, in order to extract new information.

GeoBI.info is the Autonomous Province of Bozen‘s initiative. It was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FESR) and technically managed by Techno Innovation Park South Tyrol (TIS). Also thanks to the guidance and consultancy provided by Engineering Group’s SpagoBI Competency Center, the project offers a public portal supporting the analysis of open data through geo-referencing techniques. These data are shared by certified authorities, such as local governments and the Provincial Statistics Institute (Ufficio Provinciale di Statistica – ASTAT). GeoBI.info allows users to access these data, integrate them, build relationships and easily produce interactive thematic maps, gaining insight into the territorial distribution of the desired indicators.

The GeoBI.info project offers direct and immediate access to data and statistics, and simplifies their visualization and analysis” says Waltraud Deeg – IT council member at the Autonomous Province of Bozen.

The first distinguishing element of this project is that end-users can extract rich insights from rough data through integrated Self-service BI tools. Actually the main strength of the GeoBI.info portal lies in its high level of usability, which encourages the use and spread of open data, thanks to a data processing and visualization tool, suitable for a wide range of users.

The second factor is the immediate visualization of data on interactive thematic maps. In other words, it merges statistical data and spatial data to create a single view. Thanks to this analytics capability – which is called location intelligence – patterns, trends and critical situations can be identified at a glance, with an immediacy and effectiveness that would otherwise be impossible with traditional reporting tools.

From a technical point of view, GeoBI.info is totally build on open standards and open source software. Specifically, the portal integrates SpagoBI – the entirely open source Business Intelligence suite, realized and supported by Engineering Group. All these innovative features have been released in the standard version of SpagoBI suite. Therefore the GeoBI.info project can be used by all SpagoBI users. Put another way, anyone can use their own version of the GeoBI.info portal on-premises and customize it according to their specific needs.

The added value resulting from this project is tangible and is beneficial to all actors thanks to the adoption of an open, innovative and flexible approach” says Patrick Ohnewein – Head of Free Software & Open Technologies Department at TIS Innovation Park.

The GeoBI.info portal is available at: maps.geobi.info.