SpagoBI suite supports the monitoring system of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation

SpagoBI suite was used for the development of a monitoring system for the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, realized by Naumen – SpagoBI Supporting partner and leading Russian developer of software solutions for enterprises and public authorities. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation is currently managing a few dozens federal target programs and projects, resulting into an increasing number of new contracts and grant contests.
The monitoring system is an information management tool that allows performance analysis of programs and projects, as well as strategic process and task management. The system is based on a unified repository combining data extracted from various data sources (i.e. procedural, recording and documentary management systems).

Thanks to SpagoBI, the monitoring system allows Ministry’s officers to perform data analysis with different levels of detail, through various types of customized analytical documents. Specifically, SpagoBI enables data representation in the form of reports, charts, diagrams, composite documents, maps, calendars as well as infographics – multi-component charts with filters, composite bubble-charts, hierarchical relational diagrams and maps.

The monitoring system is easily accessible from a variety of web browsers and mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone), offering a customized web design in compliance with the latest technologies and design patters (including support for retina displays), though ensuring low consumption of battery power and network traffic.