SpagoBI suite monitors organization and management processes of a Local Health Authority

The open source Business Intelligence SpagoBI suite is used by ASL TO2 to monitor organization and management processes. ASL TO2 is a Local Health Authority located in Turin (Italy) and founded in 2008 as a result of merging ASL 3 and ASL 4.

In accordance with a similar project formerly implemented in ASL TO3, SpagoBI has been adopted by ASL TO2 to automatically collect and integrate data concerning the overall production and the employed resources. Data exploration and navigation is performed in a dynamic way, through several analytical tools, including static reports, interactive cockpits, OLAP analysis, free inquiry (QbE), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This has allowed to sensibly reduce paper exchange and the time needed to manipulate information, in favour of the analysis of such data. Insights are provided not only from an economic-financial point of view but also from a technical-scientific perspective.

Users -who belong to different working units, departments and hospital centres- can self-perform business analysis. In parallel decision-makers have visibility on information at the right level of detail according to their own role in the organization.

Dedicated performance management tools allow constant performance monitoring. At the same time, measuring the degree of budget target achievement allows enhancing decision-making in each hospital center.

The adoption of an open source tool has allowed ASL TO2 to optimize budget allocation and to move the investment focus from the purchase of software licenses to the customization, innovation and improvement of the entire analytical solution.