SpagoBI for the San Giovanni Battista University Hospital in Turin (Italy)

The San Giovanni Battista University Hospital is a leading multi-speciality hospital in Turin affiliated with the University in Turin, combining healthcare services with education and medical research. The hospital plays an important role in the Italian healthcare system, the Piedmont healthcare system and the university system.
Since 2007 the hospital has been using a portal based on the open source Business Intelligence SpagoBI suite, which is accessible by various professionals according to their role. The portal offers a wide range of analytical documents, such as static reports, dashboards, OLAP, QbE (Query by Example), Office documents, ETL flow charts and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These documents mainly focus on production trends, resource consumption and accounting.

As a result of an implementation process balancing technology, analytical methods and business strategy, SpagoBI suite has allowed the hospital to renovate their management control system, attaining the following objectives:

  • adopting a computerized data collection and management system;
  • building unified, integrated and coherent corporate information;
  • improving the Business Intelligence tools according to the analytical requirements of the hospital;
  • adopting an interactive, easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool that allows the exploration of data at different levels of detail.