Engineering Group joins the Open Invention Network and affirms its full support to free open source software

Engineering Group is Europe’s largest IT service company participating in the Open Invention Network to date.

Rome (Italy), 23rd January 2013 – Engineering Group has joined the Open Invention Network® (, which was formed to promote Linux and open source technologies by using patents to create a collaborative environment. Open Invention Network promotes a positive, fertile ecosystem for Linux, ensuring the openness of the Linux source code and allowing software vendors, customers, emerging markets and investors to use it with less worry about intellectual property issues.

This approach supports the protection and enablement of open source software, focusing on knowledge sharing and spreading. Moreover, it protects freedom-of-choice and gives added value to the IT market in terms of innovation and cooperation.

“Our participation in the Open Invention Network demonstrates that Engineering Group’s completely embraces the open source software ecosystem as well as our corporate policy, which rejects any initiative aiming at introducing software patents in Europe and using them as a means of dissuasion or litigation.” says Gabriele Ruffatti, Architectures and Consulting Director at Engineering Group and founder of the SpagoWorld initiative. “Our open source products – such as SpagoBI belonging to the SpagoWorld initiative – contribute to spreading an open development model, based on the complete freedom in using software. Thanks to this agreement, Engineering Group joined the companies of the network that, by subscribing a non-aggression pact, want to reassure free/open source software developers and users.”

“As a leading Italian information technology and services firm, we are pleased to have Engineering Group join OIN as a licensee,” said Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. “By signing our license, Engineering Group and SpagoWorld affirm that they value the continued openness of Linux and demonstrate their willingness to stand together with others in the open source community. We applaud their foresight in taking this step.”

Engineering Group
Engineering Group ( is the leading Italian software and services company and one of the top 10 European ICT groups, with about 6,600 people and 43 offices in Italy, Belgium, Lebanon, USA, Brazil and Argentina. The Research & Innovation Department employs 350 researchers and technologists, including the Open Source, Business Intelligence and SOA Competency Centers.

SpagoWorld is the free/open source initiative, founded and managed by Engineering Group. It includes four main projects: SpagoBI, the entirely open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite; Spagic, the free/open source platform for the governance of middleware services and the development of SOA applications; Spago4Q, the free/open source platform to measure, analyse and monitor the Quality of products, processes and services; Spago, the Java Enterprise Framework for the development of web and multichannel applications in SOA environments.