SpagoBI improves performance management of the French company Bazile Telecom

Bazile Telecom is a French company that develops easy-to-use cell phones and the associated service for elderly. Bazile Telecom’s products and services are available in more than 1,000 retail shops in France.
SpagoBI suite has thoroughly met the client’s requirements in terms of invoice processing as well as contract management and monitoring.

Orbilio – SpagoBI Supporting Partner – has set up a data warehouse integrated with Talend Open Studio and the required analytical modules. The data was retrieved from different sources and more specifically from an ERP system, a CRM and a dedicated business application.

Thanks to SpagoBI suite, Bazile Telecom can take advantage of a wide range of analytical documents, such as cockpits, QbE queries, statistical reports and ad-hoc reporting, in order to improve Bazile Telecom’s performance management.

In order to foster Bazile Telecom’s growth, we needed a high-performance solution that allowed us to manage invoice processing and our client portfolio. SpagoBI suite is not only an efficient solution that fully exploits the potential of up to date information. It is also a particularly ergonomic platform, supporting our employers in their daily activities. Thanks to its helpfulness and openness, Orbilio has shown a convincing project attitude that has allowed the quick implementation of the required services and the thorough understanding of our needs.” (Y. Morel – CEO at Bazile Telecom – Aix en Provence, France – October 25th, 2012)