Paris welcomes the novelties of SpagoBI, the Open Source Business Intelligence suite by Engineering Group

The first complete book of SpagoBI and the new features of the upcoming release licensed under the MPLv2 are presented at Solutions Linux.

Rome (Italy), 12th June 2012 – At the 13th edition of Solutions Linux, an international reference event in the open source domain, taking place in Paris from 19th to 21st June, Engineering Group’s SpagoBI Competency Center presents the latest novelties of the suite, which will be released on 29th June: the first complete book of SpagoBI and the new version of the suite licensed under the MPLv2. SpagoBI’s booth is located at OW2 Village, the global open source community of which Engineering Group is co-founding member.

The book, entitled “Business Intelligence with SpagoBI“, provides a complete overview on the suite and its different tools, showing how to make the best use of them in the development of business intelligence projects and applications. During the event, the preview will be distributed to those participants who shall visit SpagoBI’s booth. SpagoBI 3.5 offers various new functionalities and improvements that support intuitive and effective data analysis, including: multi-tenancy, to simultaneously manage multiple organizations on a single installation of SpagoBI; a new graphic designer, also suitable for non-advanced users, which allows to execute dynamic and interactive analysis; an optimized real-time console; improved graph widgets and datasets.

As previously announced, this new version will be released under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0, a simple, short, modern, understandable license, which guarantees a higher level of flexibility to users wishing to make their business intelligence analysis easier through an industry-grade product that is 100% free and open source software. This move preserves the own characteristics of SpagoBI suite, which aim at promoting the use of free/open source software, at protecting its open code and at encouraging the offering of commercial solutions integrating SpagoBI suite. Indeed, SpagoBI allows users to create projects that combine MPL-licensed code with code released under other licenses, either open source or proprietary ones.

SpagoBI Competency Center participates in the various sections of the conference program and manages a dedicated booth in the exhibition area:

  • a round table entitled “BI: open source enterprise-grade solutions” taking place on 19th June, within the conference track on ERP/BI
  • a presentation of a recent use case of SpagoBI suite at Italy’s largest power company, entitled “Business Activity Monitoring with SpagoBI at Enel, Italy’s largest power company”, taking place on 20th June, within Solutions Linux conferences – OW2 Cycle
  • various daily presentations at OW2 Village focusing on the latest novelties of the suite, including Mobile BI, Real-time BI and Agile BI.

All updates on SpagoBI’s participation in the event are available at:

Engineering Group
Engineering Group ( is included in the top 10 European IT companies ranking, with about 6,500 people and 43 offices in Italy, Belgium, Lebanon, Brazil and Argentina. The Research & Innovation Department, relying on 350 researchers and technologists, includes the Open Source, Business Intelligence and SOA Competency Centers. SpagoWorld is the Italian Group’s leading initiative, including the open source projects SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago.

SpagoBI suite
SpagoBI is the only 100% open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite. It includes not only usual reporting and charting tools, but also unique and innovative solutions for the location intelligence, visual inquiring, collaboration, KPIs, interactive dashboards, real-time BI and mobile BI. Conceived and realized by Engineering Group’s SpagoBI Competency Center, it is part of the software stack managed by the international OW2 Consortium (, which promotes professional open source solutions, suitable to enterprise contexts.