Engineering Group envisages a radically open world at the fOSSa Conference in Lyon

Engineering Group organizes the conference session dedicated to Open Data, Open Cloud and Open Collaboration in a broadening open world.

Rome (Italy), 13th October 2011 – Engineering Group, INRIA, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, INSA Lyon and IRILL organize the third edition of the fOSSa Conference, taking place in Lyon (France), from 26th to 28th October.

fOSSa, the conference on Free Open Source Software for Academia, is a key open source event in the European agenda, welcoming international speakers and adopting a unique multidisciplinary approach, building a community of opinion-leaders, researchers, developers, software editors and users coming from the public administration and the industrial domain.

The event focuses on the technological novelties and the daily challenges brought by cooperation and knowledge sharing in youth education, research and industry.

The program of the 2011 edition will include tracks on education, online community management, new innovating development and contribution paradigms, open collaboration and open source trends. The 15-minute sessions include non-conventional presentations of open source projects that have been chosen for their distinctive innovative features.

A major theme of the conference is openness, aiming to define the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the field of the open contents, services, data and research results exchange. The conference gives prominence to the theme of promoting the role of the individual, who, thanks to his/her participation in communities and networks, produces new value and brings innovation, within a sustainable and long-lasting development process.

Engineering Group leads the session dedicated to Open Collaboration, Open Cloud and Open Data. Preeminent representatives and observers will show the paths to follow toward openness and the solutions to adopt in order to avoid the potential risks in terms of security and privacy. The session will close with an innovative format of unconference panel where, stimulated by the various speakers who will alternate on the conference stage, all the participants will take part in the definition of a common vision allowing to build a radically open world. A first concrete result will be the drafting of a manifesto envisaging a new model of economic and social growth.

Once again, Engineering Group brings its own experience and commitment, in order to create a new vision in which knowledge is considered as a commons and where the freedom of enterprise and in organizations is the key factor allowing the cultural and economic development, which we laboriously foster day by day” – says Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group’s Architectures and Consulting Director, Research & Innovation Division, and founder of the SpagoWorld initiative.

Engineering Group plays a prominent role in the event by presenting a renovated demonstration of the Agile BI provided by SpagoBI, which has recently been awarded the Open Innovation Award at the Open World Forum in Paris, as well as with a presentation of the European research project Fi-Ware, to which Engineering Group is currently contributing by developing the basic components to realize Future Internet applications. For any information on the event, the agenda and subscription:

Engineering Group
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