SpagoBI for the Sardinia Region – Integrated Health Information System

The Sardinia Region has chosen SpagoBI, the 100% open source Business Intelligence suite, as the analytical tool supporting the long-term renovation program of the new Integrated Health Information System SISAR.
The implementation process involved more than fifteen analytical areas, ranging from clinical services and health production processes, to the administrative and accounting area.

The enterprise role-based access control allows the secure and balanced fruition of the services, according to the end-users’ specific needs.

SpagoBI has allowed to perform several analysis: operational reporting, allowing to display detailed information on different specific domains, such as pharmaceutics, outpatient services and admissions to hospitals, along with interactive cockpits, in order to provide aggregated and integrated views of the processes through various types of graphs. Users, who need to perform advanced inquiries on data, can take advantage of some dedicated tools, such as OLAP and ad-hoc reporting.

Moreover, in order to monitor the performances of each local healthcare authority or of the regional healthcare system as a whole, the tool offers a wide and full model of indicators, whose navigation varies according to their organizational structure. It supports the effective management of one’s own goals, by grouping the indicators on the basis of the criteria used to attain each specific goal.