SpagoBI suite for the San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital in Rome

The San Giovanni Addolorata hospital in Rome has chosen SpagoBI suite to develop its own Business Intelligence portal. The information background stored in the hospital data warehouse covers several thematic areas, including:

  • Admissions and day hospitalizations;
  • Health services booking;
  • Hospital consulting services;
  • Emergency;
  • Inpatient health services, as for pathological anatomy, medical laboratories, radiology;
  • Operating rooms.

Many analytical models have been developed using the main engines of SpagoBI suite (Reporting, OLAP, Chart, Cockpit, Office document, Geo-referenced analysis), to be used within the above-mentioned analytical areas. The use of these analytical models is managed by SpagoBI behavioural model, which regulates the users’ visibility over documents and data, according to their role and to the operating unit to which they belong. To this end, the only hospital users archives has been used, which is based on Active Directory, by exploiting the integration APIs already available in SpagoBI SDK.