Châteauroux adopts SpagoBI to manage the information system of its transportation department

The city of Châteauroux – the capital of the Indre department, Centre, France – has used SpagoBI, Talend Open Studio and eXo platform for the development of a new Business Intelligence portal, aiming to efficiently manage the information system of its transportation department. The project aimed at optimizing the urban energy consumption and at improving the traffic conditions. At present, the city of Châteauroux self-rules the platform and continues to deploy the solution on further domains (i.e. the internal budget management).
Altic, SpagoBI Integrator Partner, developed a data warehouse powered by Talend Open Studio, which includes most of the needed connectors. Moreover, the solution has met the customer’s requirements, integrating other Microsoft Excel files and data from other applications, concerning various energy services (i.e. power, gas, phone). Through this application, files are retrieved automatically and jobs are run without a break. For vehicles, data retrieval is handled manually and scripts are launched automatically.

The key benefits of this project include a Business Intelligence portal based on SpagoBI technologies, a large number of readily available components and a user-friendly graphical interface. Moreover, this solution allowed the efficient management of a heterogeneous database, the simplified data visualization and analysis, the rationalization of the asset management, the in-depth knowledge of costs as well as the total transparency of the shared information.