SpagoBI for the development of a booking management system for Accor Group

Accor Group, worldwide leader in tourism, catering and hotel management, uses SpagoBI and Talend Open Studio to improve its archiving and consultation processes of bookings and cancellations.
The application, developed by Talend, SpagoBI Technological Partner, in collaboration with Altic, SpagoBI Integrator Partner, allows Accor’s reservations department to facilitate searching for bookings and cancellations through the archives by deploying a centralized database, properly indexed with metadata. The application also allows to generate ad-hoc reports on this data through the deployment of a reporting solution.
After having archived the e-mails in a standard format, the application extracts the most relevant information (such as e-mail addressee, subject, message body) and structured data (such as arrival and departure dates, hotel identification, rates) in order to cleanse, transform, restructure and load it into a MySQL database.

The Business Intelligence solution, comprising Talend Open Studio for data integration and SpagoBI for reporting, leverages a web interface for complex searches, retrieving the reservation and cancellation data online. This more flexible and user-friendly data management allows reservations agents to access the information directly, without involving IT people.

Thanks to the combined and integrated use of SpagoBI and Talend Open Studio, e-mails are processed in near real-time, providing far better productivity for the reservations department. Reservations agents can also take advantage of custom reports that help analyze the reservation/cancellation process in greater detail.