Fiat Group Automobiles chooses SpagoBI for a distributed .link.intelligence

Fiat Group Automobiles has chosen SpagoBI as the open source business intelligence platform for the realization of link.e.intelligence, the analytical component of the .link product, aiming to support the selling activities of Fiat Group Automobiles international distribution network.
The .link application enhances the capability and efficiency of the retail channel within the distribution network of the Group. The commercial/servicing activities have been renewed towards an advanced Customer Relationship Management. This has been realized through the integration of customers management processes, network operation processes and other connections and communication activities towards Fiat Group Automobiles.

The increasing innovation of the company is confirmed by the adoption of SpagoBI platform for the development of the link.e.intelligence component. At the same time, it confirms the suitability of the platform to the development of strategic applications for enterprise management activities.

The portal link.e.intelligence meets the requirements of a wide range of users, offering:

  • operational analysis, providing reports with a detailed description of the services provided by the enterprise, in relation to the defined goals; it also offers OLAP documents for free detailed analysis;
  • intermediate analysis, providing reports and dashboards with data synthesis on specific sectors;
  • directional analysis, providing advanced dashboards composing the enterprise cockpit.

The project has taken advantage of different SpagoBI analytical engines, such as reports, OLAP documents, charts, dashes and composed documents. SpagoBI behavioural model has been set up so as to allow a scalable analysis on the temporal, geographical and productive dimension at all enterprise levels, according to the logged-in users’ profiles.
The entire integration of link.e.intelligence in the technological architecture of .link application and of FIAT Group Automobiles has allowed a rapid deployment of the new application with limited technological impact.