XALTIA Employs SpagoBI as the Business Intelligence Engine for the Premium Services on Telephone Platforms

Xaltia is a company of Engineering Group specialized in value-added services for telephone operators. SpagoBI has been adopted by Xaltia for the analysis and reporting of services supplied on SMS, WAP and MMS channels by the mobile operators.
By means of its framework, SpagoBI allows data analysis using reports, summary graphics and dashbords that are easily reached and adaptable. Within the project for the realization of this service SpagoBI has been used for analyzing the data of an Enterprise Data Warehouse fed through an ETL (Extract Transform Load) process, which also takes charge of the normalization of the data, developed with the open source solution Talend. Every day, about 3 million new records are loaded on the Enterprise DWH and kept on the system for several months to allow the processing of historical data.

SpagoBI also handles the publication of the information on an analytical portal. This information includes:

  • OLAP analysis of the analytical data, used when one or more search dimensions have to be quickly changed
  • reports allowing to display the data at the lowest aggregation level
  • OLAP analysis and reports on the controls made by crossing data coming from several platforms in order to improve the level of reliability of such data
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) represented on management dashboards enhanced by graphs for summary analysis
  • management system of the KPIs historical and comparative analysis.