SpagoBI in Veneto Region – A DWH to support management policies of Veneto Region

The aim of the Veneto Region was to provide itself with an infrastructure to extract, transform and load data in order to feed datawarehouses and specific datamarts for analysis and reports. Looking for the technological solution, the Administration paid special attention to open source software solutions choosing in the end SpagoBI, the Business Intelligence platform.

The application has been realized using a full open source stack; in fact, in addition to SpagoBI, operating system Linux RedHat, application server JBoss and DBMS PostgreSQL have been used. The first study case was the development of a tool to support fiscal policies programming. The Data Warehouse is fed by an ETL process computing about 3,500,000 individual income tax returns each year, supplied by the Administration provider. Since the aim of the analysis is to provide statistics to the decision-makers, the ETL process divides personal and tax information and aggregates it into five dimensions (age, income amount, sex, residence, income type), allowing a detailed analysis of regional tax incomes in Veneto Region, using OLAP cubes, reports and georeferential maps.
The BI Portal is available on the Veneto Region intranet.