SpagoBI in Emilia Romagna Region – DWH for the monitoring of the regional labour market

SpagoBI is the platform chosen by Emilia Romagna Region to develop the monitoring model for the regional labour market, starting from data provided by the local information systems.

Analysis are focused on the following working situations:

  • employment (start, termination, transformation, extension of the job relationship)
  • redundancy
  • unemployment.

The information distributed in the nine districts is collected by means of an ETL process, which fills up the regional data warehouse.

Thanks to the virtual portals enabled by eXo Portal (the open source portal environment developed by eXo Platform SARL) and by means of a careful behavioural model coded into SpagoBI, it’s possible to restrict the access of every single district to its own logical Data Mart. The SpagoBI analytical model allows both the design of standard analyses used by all the districts and the design of customized ones.

The BI Portal is accessible from the Intranet of Emilia Romagna Region.