SpagoBI for LemonOLAP – The statistical tool for LemonLDAP

ALTIC, the French open source software integration company, has implemented using SpagoBI the analytical tool for LemonOLAP. LemonOLAP provides a log parser based on regular expressions permitting to scan all kinds of logs. It is used with LemonLDAP, a webSSO that centralizes all requests from users to Web Applications, playing different roles : user authentications, access authorizations and secure data transfer (encryption via HTTPS). LemonLDAP is already used by 200.000 users everyday in the French Public Administration (e.g.: Gendarmerie, Ministry of Finance). Since it is possible to define analysis axis to explode logs facts in a central and unique database, LemonOLAP provides a unique place where system administrators can follow all their information systems activities. SpagoBI easily presents reports, graphics, olap analysis and query based on the LemonOLAP database.