From 6.0 version SpagoBI is released as


KNOWAGE is the evolution of SpagoBI: a more mature product that best meets the criteria of modern business intelligence and advanced analysis of traditional sources and big data. Upgrade to KNOWAGE!

SpagoBI suite is a free/open source enterprise-grade software, particularly flexible and adaptable to the end-users’ needs, involving a vibrant community.

According to its vision, open source software fosters knowledge and expertise sharing, which is a crucial element to offer a really free open source environment. This approach allows everyone to benefit of:

  • an holistic approach, based on the continuative involvement of a wide community of users, companies and organization;
  • integration of cutting-edge technologies into a coherent and modular software architecture, in order to address all markets needs;
  • agile, quality software development, to help you achieve your goals since your first steps;
  • a complete set of support services, provided by qualified specialists, consultants and developers.

This approach allows the sustainable development of reliable and mission-critical applications, based on open standards.

Innovation and added value come from cooperation with companies and organizations, as well as from the involvement and contributions of users, customers and international partners, according to a win-win perspective. This enriches the project roadmap and orients it towards specific industrial requirements and allows the foundation and support of new initiatives (e.g. Big Data initiative). To ensure this, SpagoBI adopted a project-centred business model and full open source license.

SpagoBI software is hosted in OW2 Forge – an international, independent and no-profit organization – in order to guarantee the permanent transparency, openness, sustainability and availability of software.