social network analysis

SpagoBI provides specific tools for social network listening and monitoring, crucial to make proper decisions and develop effective business strategies.

Thanks to a diversified set of insights, you can extract and analyze data flowing on Social Networks (i.e. Twitter), including but not limited to keywords, hashtags, followers, short-links and SpagoBI documents. Analysis can be performed on real-time data (stream of tweet data) or historic data (regarding a specific time period).

Here is an overview of the available features:

  • Summary – overview dashboard including general information on total number of tweets, retweets and replies, as well as timelines, used devices and ranking;
  • Topics – tag clouds providing insights on hashtags and topics extracted out of Twitter, analyzed through R;
  • Network – multiple insights on key influencers, mentions and users’ interactions, visualized over charts or geographic maps;
  • Distribution – a world map capturing users’ distribution, colored according to their density over countries/states;
  • Impact – time trend of followers and clicks on the monitored short-links;
  • Sentiment – analysis of tweet polarity (positive, negative and neutral) thanks to R. Topics are monitored and represented through radars and bar charts.

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Letizia Pernigotti present the Social Listening with SpagoBI 5: