According to its full open source approach, SpagoBI suite enriches its roadmap with requests coming from users, customers, developers and integrators, in order to meet real requirements and integrate them with innovation coming from the academic and research fields. Send us your requests and suggestions now!


2016 Roadmap

General features:

  • new Document Browser
  • new menu bars
  • GUI review.

Behavioural model:

  • date range parameters.

Analytical engines:

  • OLAP: calculated fields and cross-navigation
  • MyData: integration with CKAN repositories; REST data sets; data set profiling
  • improvements on cockpits
  • accessible reporting: accessible charts, integration with RoboBraille.

New certified environments:

  • MariaDB
  • Wildfly 8, 10 and JBoss EAP 7.


Focusing on BI developers:

  • metamodel lifecycle
  • concurrent development
  • HDFS as writing data source.

Focusing on Java developers:

  • building processes based on Maven
  • development processes on GitHub
  • SDK: REST APIs, new Javascript APIs
  • improvements on i18n
  • integration in the FIWARE platform.