professional services

User Support

Get remote support on how to make best use of SpagoBI capabilities to build your analytics

The service includes replies to questions concerning the proper use of SpagoBI suite and its features, provided according to a specific service level through an on-line support tool.


Service Bronze Silver Gold
Number of requests unlimited unlimited unlimited
Duration 2 months 6 months 1 year
Response time 3 working days 2 working days 1 working day
Support by ticketing tool included included included
Support by e-mail and/or chat discretional discretional discretional
Number of authorized contacts 1 1 1
Price € 2,000 € 4,000 € 6,000

VAT and local taxes (if applicable) not included.


Get guaranteed bug fixing on SpagoBI software

The services includes bug fixing on some or all components of SpagoBI Server and, upon request, also on SpagoBI SDK, Meta and Studio.
It applies to one single project with an unlimited number of CPU and users. A “project” consists in a specific SpagoBI version and a specific operating environment (operating system, DBMS, application server). The subscription lasts 1 year, with no automatic renewal.

Corporate Support is available on request. It is applied to unlimited number of projects for the same enterprise, with an unlimited number of CPU and users.


Service Details
Duration of the service 1 year
Number of applications 1
Number of issues unlimited
Response time 1 working day
Bug-fixing included
Ticketing tool included
Support by e-mail and/or chat discretional
Support by telephone discretional
Compatibility with previous software releases included
Updates included
New features included
Number of contacts 2

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Let our knowledge and expertise guide your success!

Our consulting services are designed to support anyone who uses SpagoBI to develop a software project for personal use or for third parties.
Consultancy is supplied in English, French and Italian. Services in other languages can be provided by our Integrator partners.

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Start-up support

Accelerate your success, reduce your learning curve and let us help you set up, design and deploy your SpagoBI project. The service includes training-on-the-job sessions with SpagoBI specialists, who grant you the best level of knowledge and expertise, and specific consultancy on how to get started with SpagoBI suite.

Consulting services

SpagoBI Labs can help you achieve your project objectives effectively, through expert advice and knowledge. Consultancy can be delivered remotely or at your premises, according to your specific requirements. Ad-hoc packages or turn-key options are available.

Proof of Concepts (PoC)

Get started with a ready-to-use prototype integrating SpagoBI analytical features with your data, ensuring successful implementation.
Let SpagoBI Labs develop your proof of concept, guiding you through the whole evaluation process with specialized consultancy and best-practices advice.

Software development

Do you need a feature or extension that is not provided by SpagoBI suite yet? SpagoBI Labs can develop it for you, according to your specific requirements and timelines. This approach allows you to make SpagoBI grow integrating end-user’s real and emerging needs.


Let SpagoBI Labs develop, design and implement your Business Intelligence project, ensuring seamless integration with your software environment.



Certified competences and focused training courses to get immediate results!

SpagoBI Labs can provide you with a full range of training services to help you reduce your learning curve and allow you effectively drive your business with SpagoBI suite.

Training courses alternate theory and hands-on sessions based on real use cases to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the suite. They are delivered in Italian, English and French. Some courses can also be delivered in other languages by our Training Partners.

  • in-class: delivered at Engineering Group’s sites or at your premises. Required three participants at least.
  • on-line: delivered through a web conferencing tool. Required two participants at least.


Training catalog

Course title Target users Duration
SpagoBI Quick Start architects, analysts, developers 4 days
SpagoBI Basic Engines developers 5 days
SpagoBI Advanced Engines developers 5 days
SpagoBI Administrator architects, analysts, developers 3 days

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Upcoming classes

The upcoming classes are currently being scheduled and will be available soon.
For more information on our training service or to request a customized course, contact us!


Service level

Service Level definition (only for User Support and Maintenance services)

Activation: services are made available within 5 working days from the purchase date and from 9:00 am (CET/CEST time) of the first working day following the communication of the access credentials (UserID and password), which will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the purchase process.
Number of Applications: number of applications/projects developed by means of SpagoBI suite, to which the service is referred.
Number of Issues: number of reported issues. The answer is guaranteed.
Number of Requests: number of requests submitted to SpagoBI support team, which can not reasonably be broken down into subordinate parts.
Number of Contacts: number of named contacts, authorized to submit support requests.
Response Time: appplying to working days – from Monday to Friday, excluding Italian holidays, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET/CEST). Follow-up response is guaranteed. For bug-fixing time, see “Bug-fixing” below.
Bug-fixing: the follow-up is guaranteed according to what is specified in the above-described response time. The issue will be solved within a reasonable time, as follows: we will send you a fix, as a workaround or a patch. Alternatively, we will send you the instructions for the solution of the issue (this option may be considered to be necessary or the most appropriate one at the discretion of the SpagoBI support team). All patches of general interest will be inserted in the current development version of SpagoBI suite. They will be available in the following SpagoBI software versions, released on and downloadable from the SpagoBI project website.
Ticketing tool: Ticketing tool and management policies provided by SpagoBI support team. Response guaranteed.
Support by e-mail and/or chat: available at the discretion of SpagoBI support team.
Support by telephone: available at the discretion of SpagoBI support team.
Compatibility with the previous releases: this option allows you to receive the necessary information to solve the issue of software compatibility with a previous software version.
Updates: this option allows you to receive an update alert about new software and/or documentation improvements.
New Features: this option allows you to take the priority over others to receive new features improvements (beta-test version), when not yet released in the new downloadable software version.
Duration: period of validity of the service. The service will be terminated after the expiration date, unless renewal of the subscription.