spagoBI labs

SpagoBI Labs develop and manage the suite. Their offices in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Rome, Padua, Palermo, Turin) coordinate a network of international offices that serve as local contact points for customers and integrators at a national and international level, including New York (United States), São Paulo (Brazil), Brussels (Belgium) and Belgrade (Republic of Serbia).

Engineering Group is an IT global player and the leading Italian software and services company. Its complete integrated offering covers the whole range of IT services, tailored to the business models of its clients in all markets. Services include technology and strategy consultancy as well as the design, outsourcing, development and deploy of projects and open source and proprietary solutions. With about 8,200 specialists and 40 branch offices, the Group has a global production capacity and a well-established presence in Italy, Belgium, Republic of Serbia, South America (Brazil and Argentina) and United States.


Job opportunities

Engineering Group is adding new positions to its Big Data Competency Center and the SpagoBI Labs located in Italy (Turin, Milan, Padua, Bologna and Rome) and in Serbia (Belgrade).
If you are looking for new job opportunities, check the open positions and submit your resume here for Italy, and contact for Serbia.


The team

Grazia Cazzin Grazia Cazzin
Project Leader

Grazia is a Senior Consultant and Business Intelligence Analyst at Engineering Group. With many years of experience in enterprise application development, data modelling, data warehousing, dimensional analysis and business intelligence, she has gained valuable expertise working in several market sectors (industry, finance, public administration), covering several thematic areas (ERP, MRP, MPS, Enterprise Portals, CRM, DWH and BI).
She is currently working on designing SpagoBI evolutionary steps and in supporting the start-up of SpagoBI projects for enterprises. From 2010 to 2011 she worked as an Adjunct Professor for Business Intelligence and management systems, at the University of Turin (Italy), at the degree courses and master’s degree courses in Computer Science, at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

Stefano Scamuzzo Stefano Scamuzzo
Ecosystem Manager

Stefano has long working experience in the IT field. Initially involved in European research projects on hypertext technology, he then undertook the technical management of complex projects in several technological areas such as document and workflow applications, web based applications, enterprise portals and business intelligence applications. At present, he is working within the Research & Innovation Division, as a member of SpagoWorld Executive Board. He masters the domains of service-oriented architectures and Business Intelligence, with a particular focus on open source solutions.

Angelo Bernabei Angelo Bernabei
Lead Architect

Angelo is the IT Senior Solution Architect. He has been operating several years in the design and development of business applications on different markets: industry, finance, local government and public health, as well as in different thematic areas such as Register, CRM, Enterprise Portal, Security and Asset Allocation. He has consolidated experience in designing Java Enterprise architectures, in open source frameworks and in the application of software development methodologies. He is currently involved in SpagoBI designing and he supports enterprise projects using SpagoBI platform.

Stefano Modroni Stefano Modroni

Stefano is Project Manager and SpagoBI Consultant. He has been working in the IT and Data Integration field for several years. Before joining SpagoWorld team, he worked on the customization of ERP packages in prominent companies of Industry, Telecommunications and Transportation sectors. He is currently working in BI and warehousing projects for the Italian Public sector, employing SpagoBI Platform, and he is teaching training courses on ETL and Data Warehouse.

Cristina Klein Cristina Klein

Cristina manages communications and marketing activities of SpagoBI suite and open source solutions within the Technical Innovation & Research Division at Engineering Group. Italian and French native speaker, with strong knowledge of English and German, she has consolidated expertise in media relations, event and workshop planning, website development. She is also the reference contact for SpagoBI partnerships at the international level.

Davide Zerbetto Davide Zerbetto

Davide is an IT Solution Architect. He contributes to SpagoBI development, mainly dealing with the development of new functionalities and the integration of new components. He also provides contributors and final users with assistance and support services concerning technical aspects of the platform. He also carries out training activities on SpagoBI installation and usage.

Alberto Ghedin Alberto Ghedin

Alberto obtained his Computer Science master’s degree at the University of Udine, Italy. His graduation thesis was focused on an important research project at the New Mexico State University, on autonomous agents, knowledge representation and reasoning.
Before joining SpagoBI project team, he worked for some years within Engineering Group, acquiring specific knowledge in the field of software security. He has also been working on Big Data topics and integration projects based on SpagoBI suite. He is currently involved in the Big Data initiative.

Antonella Giachino Antonella Giachino

Antonella is IT Solution Architect and SpagoBI Consultant. She builds portals for demonstrations and projects, manages applications developed through SpagoBI platform and works on SpagoBI evolutions. Before joining SpagoBI team, she worked for many years in software development of financial and public administration applications, especially through Java Enterprise architectures and frameworks.

Giulio Gavardi Giulio Gavardi

Giulio is a SpagoBI developer. He obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Padua, Italy. For his thesis, he collaborated with SpagoBI development team.

Marco Cortella Marco Cortella

Marco obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Turin, Italy. In his thesis, he focused on Social Network Analysis. At present, he contributes to the development of SpagoBI platform, with good expertise on information management systems.

Danilo Ristovski

Danilo obtained his master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, after having graduated at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia. He has strong knowledge of control engineering and computing, as well as of biomedical engineering. As a member of the SpagoBI team located in Belgrade, Danilo is involved in various project development activities, which matches his interest in computer science and Business Intelligence.

Nikola Simovic

Nikola earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Technologies at the University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. His interests include software quality and information technology. Before entering the SpagoBI Labs, he gained valuable expertise in the development of Java-based enterprise applications. He’s a developer at SpagoBI Labs, based in Serbia.

Tomic Ana Tomic

At the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering – Department of Computer Engineering and Information Theory, she gained knowledge of software engineering and computer architecture, with special focus on java application programming. She works at the SpagoBI Labs located in Belgrade.

Emanuele Ristoratore Emanuele Ristoratore

Emanuele completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. Given his deep interest in Business Intelligence, he wrote his thesis focusing on data mining and distributed computing. Over the following years he gained practical experience on Apache Hadoop, Big Data technologies and business analytics. Seeking new challenges, he started working for the SpagoBI Labs as a software developer and BI Consultant, enjoying the opportunity to strengthen his knowledge and practice in the above-mentioned IT domains.

GiordanoValentini Giordano Valentini

Giordano obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University La Sapienza of Rome, Italy. For his thesis, he built an information retrieval system that maps dependencies between terms using Quantum Theory. He works as a developer and BI consultant at the SpagoBI Labs, where he is involved in the development of new features for SpagoBI suite, and contributes to the realization of Business Intelligence and data warehousing projects for various customers.

Francesco Lucchi Francesco Lucchi

Francesco obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy. His graduation thesis focused on high-performance simulation of embedded systems using General Purpose GPU hardware. Before joining the SpagoBI Labs, he spent some years in the development of high-level Industrial Automation solutions for international customers, integrating different software technologies and communication protocols. Always filled with heartfelt curiosity, he contributes to the development of SpagoBI suite.

Emmanuele Bello Emmanuele Bello

Emmanuele is Senior Consultant. He obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Pisa (Italy). He has been working in the IT collecting many experiences as developer, system administrator and project manager. Before joining SpagoBI team, he worked in different EU countries, mostly in Telecommunications companies on Data Warehouse and Data Integration projects. He is currently working in BI and data warehousing projects integrating SpagoBI suite.

Alessandro Piovani Alessandro Piovani

Alessandro obtained his Computer Science Engineering master’s degree at the University of Bologna, Italy. On the strengths of his consolidated IT skills and passion for Big Data analysis, he contributes to the development and continuous improvement of the open source SpagoBI suite.

Yessica Luis Lopez Yessica Luis Lopez

Yessica obtained her master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering at the Universidad de La Laguna (Spain), acquiring specific knowledge in terms of design and development of enterprise-grade Business Intelligence solutions. Before joining SpagoBI team, she contributed to the realization of various client projects, gaining valuable expertise as a BI consultant. Spanish native speaker, she’s part of SpagoBI development team and carries out promotional activities fostering the spreading of the suite at the international level.

Isabella Iennaco Isabella Iennaco

Isabella obtained her master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Turin (Italy). She has considerable expertise and skills in data modelling, management and valorization. Willing to take part in the open source world and in the development of Business Intelligence solutions, she joined the SpagoBI team. At present she contributes to the development of the suite and delivers SpagoBI consultancy services.

Letizia Pernigotti Letizia Pernigotti

Letizia obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Trento (Italy), gaining various work experiences at the international level and has published several papers for trade journals. She contributes to the development of SpagoBI suite and is involved in consulting activities as a Data Scientist.

Simona Dimase Simona Dimase

Simona received her Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Trento. She has specific expertise in IT security and cryptography, which she improved during some work experiences in the banking industry.
She is proud to contribute her competences to the Business Intelligence domain. She develops SpagoBI projects integrating leading-edge technologies, which require both Business Intelligence and data scientist skills.

PortosaAlessandro Alessandro Portosa

Alessandro obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy. His graduation thesis focused on heterogeneous cloud systems, semantic web and linked data technologies. Before joining SpagoBI Labs, he was involved in an international astrophysics research project as software engineer. At present, he contributes to the development of SpagoBI suite and delivers consultancy services to customers.

NarottaNunzia Nunzia Marotta

Nunzia got her Master’s degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. Passionate about science, foreign languages and nature, she has been travelling in Europe and abroad. Her open-mindedness and skills found fertile ground in SpagoBI Labs, where she contributes to the improvement and development of Business Intelligence solutions for international customers.

PriscillaMenziani Priscilla Menziani

Priscilla obtained her Statistics’ degree at La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. During studies she approached the world of statistical analysis going from the most simple and descriptive analysis to the study of inferential and multivariate statistics. She worked for several years as a consultant mainly in the insurance sector where she interfaced with IT and put into practice her personal and quantitative analytical skills. Currently she is part of SpagoBI team contributing with her expertise through consulting activities.