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Knowage (formerly SpagoBI) 6.4 released!

KNOWAGE suite, the new SpagoBI version, is now available on its 6.4 version. From the previous version the following changes have been made: News Managements, a new option to create news for the end user; The user is now able to change the document name, within workspace; Registry, the profile attributes filtering criteria are applied on Registry document; When integrating Knowage with Javascript SDK, the user can be authenticated by means of a JWT token; Chart, it is possible to combine a stacked bar chart with a Continue reading →

Knowage (formerly SpagoBI) 6.3 released!

KNOWAGE suite reached a new important milestone thanks to the joint effort of Knowage Labs and the open source community: KNOWAGE 6.3.1 is now available. From the previous version the following changes have been made: – Cockpit/Chart Image Export, of each widget and of the entire cockpit; XLSX Export of data shown in each widget; Customizable number style in the HTML Widget; Uniform text style management in all types of widgets: Text style configuration options in the labels of the graphs; Text style configuration of the selector Continue reading →

Download Knowage 6.2!

Knowage 6.2, the new SpagoBI version, is now available for download with many novelties about cockpits: – extended Knowage standard capabilities thanks to the new HTML WIDGET. This new component enables the embedding of custom html, svg and css code to create infographics and the reference to external elements like videos, news or pages from internal/official sites; – in-line filters thanks to the new SELECTOR WIDGET that manages smart lists to drive the end-user selection; – dynamic filters available also on text widget to build cards able to follow Continue reading →

Knowage CE 6.1 release

Knowage CE 6.1 (the new SpagoBI version) is released today and now available for download from OW2 forge and GitHub. The main improvements are: New cockpit features and general improvements. In the new cockpit it is possible, for example, to move a widget from tab to tab, to manage the look&feel, to choose 3d options for charts and a lot Continue reading →

Webinar for SpagoBI partners

We have scheduled a Webinar on the 25th of July 2017 at 2.00 PM (CEST) for SpagoBI partners. This webinar will provide a general overview of Knowage 6.0, the new SpagoBI version, highlighting the main novelties and the new partnership policy. Subscribe here!