Knowage as a single brand for business analytics open source offer

ROME, 03 MAY 2017 – Engineering announces the release 6.0 Knowage, in a dual version that incorporates in its brand the evolution of SpagoBI, the first suite released by Engineering and with a ten-year history, for a single complete full open source business analytics offer.

Knowage is a suite of autonomous and combinable products that allows everyone to define their own functional perimeter, with the possibility of extending it at a later date. From today, it is available in two versions: Knowage Community Edition (CE), with open source license, ensuring full utilization of analytics functionalities and full operativeness of the final user; Knowage Enterprise Edition (EE), with a subscription model, facilitating management operations for the installed park and ensuring the professional services required for use in business settings.

Knowage Community Edition (CE) thus continues the SpagoBI tradition, evolving into a more mature and competitive trend that best meets the criteria of modern business intelligence and advanced analysis of traditional sources and big data.

Today, final users explore and analyze their information domains in an agile manner, creating interactive dashboards independently, combining different data in integrated views that can also be used on the move. Knowage also allows you to organize a private space in which to customize institutional documents in order to obtain an environment that is more consistent and functional for the needs of the individual user.

“Knowage has been developed in continuity with the experience of SpagoBI to offer a more attractive, functional and competitive solution to businesses and the user community consolidated over the years,” says Grazia Cazzin, product manager at Knowage. “The return to a single brand completes a transformation that will make it possible for both the open source community and the entire reference ecosystem to grow further.”
All information about Knowage is available at:
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