SpagoBI suite helps Sepaco Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to save lives

“SpagoBI proved to be an application that goes beyond the conventional concept of BI, and it doesn’t leave anything to be desired compared to other products. Through a full set of analytical insights, it brings information to all hospital units, sharing the concept of clinical BI with all the actors involved.”

David Oliveira, Technology and Quality Executive at Sepaco Hospital

SpagoBI suite was adopted by the Sepaco Hospital in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, where it supports the healthcare personnel – medical doctors, nurses and management staff – in their everyday work.

The suite provides them with a comprehensive set of business analytics, going beyond the daily management of healthcare associate infections and patients’ safety quality indicators. More than this, it provides a complete analytic picture of the hospital’s performances, and detailed views of patients’ health and behaviour in the different hospital units.

Several reports, charts, tables and cockpits are used to monitor patients’ admissions and discharges, as well as prescriptions, medications and operations performed. Moreover SpagoBI allows the healthcare personnel to measure patients’ waiting times in the different hospital departments and wards, including but not limited to emergency room, surgery, orthopaedics, nursing and paediatrics.

The adoption of SpagoBI suite has also allowed the Sepaco Hospital to start monitoring patients’ vital signs in real-time (such as pulse, respiration and blood levels), consequently reducing adverse events and related costs, and facilitating life-save interventions, sensibly improving patients’ experience.

The online portal allows users to gain instant insights on medical information and relevant events over time, such as patients’ health, allergy medications, adverse drug reactions, yellow code, critical alerts, rate unit occupation, critical patient tracker and multi-professional care.

Doctor Fascina, Medical Superintendent, Sepaco Hospital, says “SpagoBI gives us instant access to consolidated information concerning patients’ healthcare in a single portal, and effectively supports our clinical decision-making“.

On the other hand, SpagoBI suite supports insurance and back-office practices, ascertaining that specific clinical guidelines, protocols and procedures are respected, in compliance with current laws and regulations.

Last but not least, the Sepaco Hospital participates in a major program promoted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Latin America, which aims to encourage natural births and reduce the number of unnecessary caesarean section procedures performed in Brazilian hospitals. SpagoBI allows the healthcare personnel to monitor trends and take the needed actions over time to ensure the correct application of such dispositions.