SpagoBI supports budget planning and management at ASL 3 Genovese

SpagoBI suite supports budget planning and management at ASL 3 Genovese – a Local Health Authority situated in Genoa (Italy) integrating four hospital units.

Thanks to an agile implementation process resulting from the close cooperation between ASL 3 Genovese and Engineering Group, SpagoBI was adopted to manage the automatic collection and integration of economic figures and quantitative data deriving from accounting and administrative systems as well as human resource management processes.

SpagoBI allows the dynamic data exploration and analysis through reports, interactive cockpits, free inquiry tools (QbE) and worksheets. The execution of these analytical processes can be scheduled; on the other hand, SpagoBI self-service user-friendly analytical tools to explore data coming from various enterprise information systems.

Special attention was given to annual planning, allowing users to define, monitor and adjust the company budget.

More than 100 users have already been profiled by the managers of the Control Center, who are allowed to self-define new business analysis. Visibility on information can be defined at various levels of detail, depending on users’ roles.

Main results include the high automation of budget and financial data processing, resulting into promptness, precision and effectiveness of business planning and monitoring.

Moreover, the adoption of an open source tool allowed ASL3 Genovese to move the investment focus from the purchase of software licenses to the customization, innovation and improvement of the entire analytical solution.