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With SpagoBI Open Data drive territory management project started with the idea that every territory has its own specificities that are closely related to its latitude. These specificities are crucial to allow initiatives to come true and become successful. Which is the most affordable place to buy a house? In which district should I start a hotel? Is a new hotel necessary in this area? Where can I advertise my business most efficiently? These are some of the questions that can be answered by exploiting the massive amounts of data put Continue reading → Continue reading →

Le Groupe Engineering et OW2 annoncent la Big Data initiative

L’initiative engage des acteurs majeurs du monde informatique dévoués à la création de nouvelle valeur à travers les technologies émergeantes de l’open source Rome (Italie) et Paris (France), le 6 mai 2014 – Le Groupe Engineering, premier acteur en Italie dans le secteur logiciels et services, et OW2, l’une des quatre principales communautés globales pour le logiciel open source, annoncent la OW2 Big Data initiative visant à définir une nouvelle génération de technologies et solutions conçues pour extraire de la valeur de larges volumes de Continue reading →

Engineering amplia a própria oferta open source e lança a OW2 Big Data initiative

Em colaboração com atores estratégicos do setor IT, Engineering visa a valorização das tecnologias open source emergentes para suportar Business Intelligence, Big Data e Open Data. Roma, 6 de maio de 2014 – Engineering anuncia a Big Data initiative, iniciativa que surge no âmbito da comunidade open source global OW2 com o objetivo de promover no mercado internacional o uso de tecnologias e software emergentes, para suportar a valorização da informação digital e da análise de grandes quantidades de dados heterogêneos. A iniciativa atrai ao Continue reading →