Monthly Archives: Aprile 2014

SpagoBI 4.2 is available now!

SpagoBI 4.2 is available now! Download it here! This version offers several improvements and new features, including but not limited to: Multi-tenancy: new “Super Admin” role allowing users to manage tenants of the SpagoBI instance Self-service BI: improved management of users’ analysis through the “My data” and “My analysis” sections, supporting the development of analytical documents on private data (e.g. CSV, XLS) Smart Filter: analysis on flat data sets and improved flexibility of filters and grouping management features KPI: role based access to visualization interface Continue reading →

SpagoBI supports the spreading of a new culture of innovation at ICT Days 2014

Trento, Italy – Apr 02-04, 2014 SpagoBI participates in the ICT Days 2014, taking place in Trento (Italy) from 2 nd to 4 th April 2014. The event fosters knowledge-sharing and innovation in the technology, digital communication, social networks and ICT domains, creating new room for cooperation for universities, professionals and enterprises. Stefano Scamuzzo (SpagoBI International Manager) and Monica Franceschini (SpagoBI Architect) give demos of SpagoBI suite and its capabilities for Big Data analytics also on geographic maps. Cooperating with TrentoRise, SpagoBI supports Open Data and Big Data initiatives Continue reading →