Business service monitoring with SpagoBI at Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia is one of the main Italian telecoms operators, which provides infrastructures and technological platforms that allow voice and data to be transformed into advanced telecommunications services and leading-edge ICT solutions.
SpagoBI suite is being used within the Network Unit of Telecom Italia as the core platform, supporting the quality analysis and monitoring of the supplied business services. In this process, data are collected, aggregated and graphically visualized through various types of analytical documents, including reports, tables and charts. They can be consulted by the internal working groups through BaaS (Business as a Service) technologies.

Analytical documents can be scheduled, produced on demand or generated when a certain event occurs. Moreover, they can be customized and accessed via web browser or mobile devices. They can also be automatically exported as a PDF file and sent by email.

The system was integrated with Telecom Italia’s IT infrastructure, to allow the agile and secure navigation of the analytical documents according to users’ specific needs.

Thanks to SpagoBI suite, Telecom Italia is using an open source Business Intelligence tool that drives effective decision-making. The identification of anomalies and areas for improvement in business processes allows the company to instantly take specific actions towards identified business objectives.