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Entièrement renouvelés les sites internet de SpagoWorld, l’initiative open source du Groupe Engineering

Les nouveaux sites internet des initiatives SpagoWorld et GeoBI et des projets SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q et Spago sont maintenant disponibles avec une image et des contenus complètement renouvelés. Rome, le 29 Juillet 2011 – Après une révision attentive des modalités de communication et des contenus, conduite par l’équipe de SpagoWorld, les sites internet de l’initiative open source du Groupe Engineering et des relatifs projets et initiatives sont maintenant disponibles. Aujourd’hui, chaque site internet est complètement indépendant, tout en respectant une continuité structurale, qui souligne comment Continue reading →

Completely renovated the websites of SpagoWorld, the open source initiative by Engineering Group

The new websites of the SpagoWorld and GeoBI initiatives and of SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago projects are available now with new graphic design and contents. Rome, 29th July 2011 – The new websites of Engineering Group’s open source initiative and its several projects are available now, after a careful review of its communication model and contents, carried out by SpagoWorld team itself. Now each project website has independent contents, thus following a common vision, based on the fact that SpagoWorld projects are just like Continue reading →

SpagoBI for the Sardinia Region – Integrated Health Information System

The Sardinia Region has chosen SpagoBI, the 100% open source Business Intelligence suite, as the analytical tool supporting the long-term renovation program of the new Integrated Health Information System SISAR. The implementation process involved more than fifteen analytical areas, ranging from clinical services and health production processes, to the administrative and accounting area. The enterprise role-based access control allows the secure and balanced fruition of the services, according to the end-users’ specific needs. SpagoBI has allowed to perform several analysis: operational reporting, allowing to display Continue reading →