Gamebay has adopted SpagoBI

Originating from the San Francisco Bay area, Gamebay has many years of experience in video game retailing. Gamebay is one of the top retailers on the video game market, offering video games and accessories for all the commercially available gaming platforms.
Having sales all across the United States and Canada, their operational system registers a large number of daily transactions. In order to transform all this raw data into useful information, Lookout Business Solutions – SpagoBI integrator partner – designed and implemented a Business Intelligence solution based on SpagoBI Suite and Talend Open Studio.

Talend Open Studio was used to create, maintain and monitor a data warehouse, containing all the relevant data for the business user. Some automatic daily processes ensure that the latest data is fetched from the operational system and then transformed and loaded into the data warehouse.

SpagoBI Suite is used in order to present information to the business user in a simple, timely and suggestive way, by means of reports and interactive analysis documents (OLAP).

The solution was fully deployed on the client’s systems, generating a progressive increase in both efficiency and profitability.