SpagoBI supports the development of a reporting system for Agnès b.

SpagoBI Suite has been used for the development of a reporting system for Agnès b., a French ready-to-wear brand for men, women and children, with 10 subsidiaries, 246 selling points and management offices located all around the world.
In such an international company, consolidation of critical data is a major issue for decision-makers. Altic, SpagoBI integrator partner, created a proof of concept, based on the open source solutions SpagoBI, Talend ETL, Jaspersoft and Mondrian.

Through easy-to-use reporting tools, the solution allows the collection of the information coming from all subsidiaries into a single data warehouse. Afterwards, data are organized into business dimensions and accessed through specific views, screens and data restrictions, according to the end users’ role. In particular, SpagoBI behavioral model has supported the complete rights management.

This solution allows Agnès b. to improve its data management system and its key performance indicators. At the same time, it enables business users to focus on analyzing reports and indicators, helping them draw the right conclusions for their activities.