SpagoBI at Emilia Romagna Region for the Regional Agricultural Informative System

The Open Source Business Intelligence solution SpagoBI has allowed the Agricultural Informative System of the Emilia-Romagna Region (SIAR) to take advantage of an entirely open source platform to build reports and perform multi-dimensional analysis on the informative system concerning various rural activities, such as the documents of the Regional Plan for Rural Development as well as the information about the viticultural potential of farms.
The flexibility of this tool has allowed the people in charge of the SIAR management to customize the platform, enriching it with their own integrations, such as the users’ authentication on the regional domain. Furthermore, the valuable behavioural model offered by the platform enables the regulation of the accesses and their diversification according to the role. The aim is to provide both public and private final users with a correct distribution of the data, such as local governments, consortiums of communes in mountain areas, agricultural service centres, trade unions as well as authorities in charge of the control and protection of the territory.

The different reports and OLAP analysis realized by means of SpagoBI are available on the Agricultural Portal of the Emilia-Romagna Region.