SpagoBI at the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies – Health Division – NSIS Cockpit

The Italian Ministry of Health has chosen and adopted SpagoBI as a Business Intelligence platform for the realization of a decisional support system named “NSIS Cockpit”. Using the data employed by the various levels of the national health service, it provides analysis for the monitoring of the essential aid ones.
The “NSIS Cockpit” is composed of many interactive dashboards, which allow the end-users to dynamically and intuitively analyse the services consumption and allocation, based on geographic and temporal axis.

The cockpit combines many tools and information in a single view, joining the basic data with the geographical information and relating the components each other. Moreover, it allows to directly set the analysis parameters, such as drill-down/drill-up navigation and to choose the measures of one’s interest.

Thanks to SpagoBI and the attention always paid to quality improvement, the “NSIS Cockpit” has a specific area dedicated to the analysis of data quality, in terms of completeness and reasonableness. Its aim is to support the right interpretation of the analyzed phenomena and to represent a prerequisite for the development of new and advanced data analysis systems.

It offers interactive dashboards and advanced analyses (OLAP, QbE), which provide detailed views of information, enabling end-users follow and better understand the phenomena of their interest.

The platform has completely been integrated in the Ministry’s New Health Informative System technological infrastructure.