SpagoBI for Marseille Provence Chambre Commerce et Industrie

CCI Marseille-Provence is a 100% local community, committed to business activities and to the management of the 60,000 companies set on its territory. Among its IT general objectives, CCIMP has begun an open source developing process which is:
progressive, aiming at continuously supporting its users
part of a niche market, where Open Source offering is highly efficient and reliable
pragmatic and rational, through a deep analysis of users’ needs and through a mixed open source and commercial offering, sometimes supplied through business software packages.

The first projects concern the report development, based on data coming from the commercial establishments of its territory as well as on the results of an inquiry dealing with the sustainable environmental development. In both use cases, the reporting is related to parameterized default relations (regarding 40 environs).
SpagoBI platform, integrated with eXo and JasperReports solutions, has met the community’s expectations. Moreover, the development time, usually accepted for this type of solutions, has been totally respected. In this open source developing process with open source solutions, CCIMP has been supported by Micropole Univers, SpagoBI integrator partner.