SpagoBI for SGAR Midi-Pyrénées – LOLF: managing the financial indicators

ALTIC, the French open source software integration company, has implemented using SpagoBI a new application for SGAR Midi-Pyrénées (Public Administration Sector). The goal of SpagoBI LOLF is to manage the performance indicators of the administration. Under the European directives and the new financial law (LOLF: Loi organique relative aux lois de finances), the French administration must manage and follow the expenses and the budget with the performance indicators. Since these indicators do not always exist in information systems of the enterprises, it is necessary to create an interface to extract and to load the information from the administrative system and also, to design some screen to input the data to calculate the indicators. The advantage of the SpagoBI solution is the web portal interface allowing about 350 users to input data and to see their indicators.