Spago BI for the Healthcare. Budget Cards for ASL3 of Turin (Italy)

ESEL company of the Engineering Group, supplier on the market of Healthcare and Local Public Administration, has used SpagoBI at ASL 3 of Turin (Italy) for the innovation of the distribution system of the budget cards towards all the operative units of the hospital garrisons and territorial districts, enriching these with detailed information on the allocated services and carried out admissions. The solution imposes a significant behavioural model for outlining the users of various sections (Management and Quality Control, Informative System, Operative Departments and Units and Enterprise Management) and diversifying by role the portal environment, the analytic documents available, the data made visible. The developed analytic base covers with various analyses (OLAP, reporting, QbE) all the economic dimensions and evolves towards the garrison detailed information regarding the services and the admissions.