SpagoBI improves public emergency medical services in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy: read the story!



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news & events

SpagoBI at the OW2con’16

This year, SpagoBI will contribute to OW2con’16 with two experiences told by Davide Zerbetto and Alberto Ghedin, SpagoBI solution architects and consultants.

OW2con’16 is the annual community event that brings together the OW2 community and technology experts, software architects, IT developers, project managers and decision-makers from all around the world. more »

SpagoBI moved on GitHub!

SpagoBI is now on GitHub, the well-known Git repository, to facilitate the contribution from the open community. You can now easily contribute to the code of the SpagoBI project, in order to guarantee the growth of the product.  more »

stories & media

SpagoBI contributes to Roldán Logistic Group strategy development in Colombia

SpagoBI 5.1 helped Indiciuum SAS, SpagoBI Training Partner, to build a competitive corporate BI for its customer Roldán Logística Group.

Roldán is one of the most important logistics group in Colombia with 8 companies operating in the whole supply chain. Its purpose was to create a single access point for analytics, integrating all the operational and financial information in a single view, even with commercial data and customer profiles. A strong requirement was the ability to create reports, dashboards and maps. more »

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